Day 6 Wed 15th Sept – Ulaan Baatar to Kharakorin (Mongolia) – 370 km

Day 6   Wed 15th Sept – Ulaan Baatar to Kharakorin   (Mongolia)  – 370 km

Update 12.23am 16/09/10: You’ve got to love technology. As someone that has worked with the world wide wonder web for more than 15 years I possibly shouldn’t still get so excited about it all. I just love the fact that my lovely sister-in-law has just called me on a sat phone from the middle of Mongolia and having been routed to my online voicemail her message has been sent to my email as an audio file. I digress..

Did it rain? I don’t actually know for sure but Julie said that they left a little early today setting in stone what they had already agreed – Benson is not going for gold but is instead pushing for being there in Paris. The drive was beautiful switching from desert to brilliant green and back again. Lots of dead animals by the road being efficiently cleaned up by dogs and vultures.

They accidently found themselves participating in a time trial that was an incredible run and without wanting to tempt fate Julie says that to date Benson has been running like a dream. I think we were all so worried that the car would overheat and fall at the first hurdle it’s almost as if the old 1929-er is proving a point – long may it last!

The night was spent in a yurt with another couple they don’t know (but now know a little better).  It is apparently “bloody freezing” with a much tougher run anticpated for tomorrow. In Julie’s own words “Goodbye from the middle of nowhere”.

After an early breakfast the rally participants were invited to the civic square for a reception with a brass band and a send-off speech.

Leaving Ulaan Baatar Tim and Julie were properly dressed-up for the cold with Benson’s roof up in anticipation of a further drop in temperature. It was between 5 and 6 degrees which is a massive drop over the last 24 hours.

Benrson is running really well but may well be facing the challenge of some seroius rain later in the day.

Fantastic news about car 66 – all is now well with repairs completed overnight so Richard, James and their Lagonda are back in the rally. They deserve a bit of a clear run!

Quick call from Tim at the end of their day to say they had arrived in Kharakorin and had hit their time targets for the day. Tim will send more information overnight.