Day 9 Sat 18th Sept – Uliastay to Teel River (Mongolia) – 250 km

Day 9   Sat 18th Sept – Uliastay to Teel River   (Mongolia)  – 250 km

This was meant to be an easier day driving on relatively better roads ascending a big mountain range. Still in the desert but driving on sandy gravel tracks. The car had started to run really badly so Tim stopped and changed the spark plugs and the filters which seemed to resolve things.

They were reaching the top of a ridge when things took a turn for the worse. There was a run of over a 100m of loose sand that you need to really accelerate to have a chance of getting through. Unfortunately there was a nib at the other end and Benson hit this and his front end took off and landed with an enormous crash.

They went on for another 20km at which point they realised that they had completely broken one of the front springs and badly damaged the other.

Tim did a temporary repair intending to do a more substantial repair on arriving in Khovd on Sunday night. Benson limped to the Teel River where they camped for the night.