Day 10 Sun 19th Sept – Teel River to Khovd (Mongolia) – 200 km

Day 10   Sun 19th Sept – Teel River to Khovd   (Mongolia)  – 200 km

Good nights sleep in the camp. Tim is suprised that he actually quite likes the camping although it sounds like they are so tired that they could possibly sleep anywhere. Apparently some of the snoring from around the camp borders on the near inhuman!

Whilst the temporary front spring repair that Tim made yesterday held out to Khovd sadly the spring on the other side snapped. Luckily they were only going at 30kmph. With another temporary repair done and  Benson’s front-end bouncing madly they made it to Khovd.

Tim left Julie and everything from the car at the camp and made his way into town and called us from a mechanics’ compound. They seemed confident that they could make two new front springs but Tim reckoned it was going to be a long old wait. Benson is one of fifteen cars waiting for repairs in this compound tonight.

Luckily tomorrow is a rest day so this first trip to a local mechanic for a more significant repair is on a day when in terms of timing there’s a bit of leeway. Fingers crossed all is well ready for a prompt departure on Tuesday morning.

Tim sounded pretty tired and he mentioned the endurance word again – it’s no exageration.