Day 12 Tue 21st Sept – Khovd to Border (Mongolia) – 300 km

Day 12   Tue 21st Sept – Khovd to Border   (Mongolia)  – 300 km

Update 22/09/10 – 11.01am: Julie had an adventure last night involving a long walk, 2 mad dogs, having to pick-up a stone to ward them off, two more crazy dogs resulting in a very scared sister-in-law returning to the camp in Khovd!

Early morning call from Julie in top form that really made me laugh. She started her update in the style of a highly professional air hostess detailing the trip ahead. She also said that they were having loads of fun when it wasn’t incredibly tough and hard to be cheery. Possibly after the last few updates that have focused on how tough things were she wanted to mention what a laugh they’re having too.

40kms into today’s drive Benson got a puncture so she was calling from the side of the road. Apparently Tim had the change all under control and she reckoned you would be hard pushed to find a more beautiful place to be waiting for a puncture repair. More than 10 people had stopped to ask if they needed any help which Julie said was entirely typical of how kind people have been.

Will no doubt have more detail on the drive to the border in the morning but it seems that they have arrived in Tsagaannuur according to the official site and the Skytag. For the first time the Skytag is showing their location in Russian – Хара-Магнийн-Гол! So it looks like Benson has made it through Mongolia and is ready to take on another country.