Day 15 Fri 24th Sept – Semey to Usharal (Kazakhstan) – 510 km

Day 15   Fri 24th Sept – Semey to Usharal   (Kazakhstan)  – 510 km

Update 27/09/10 21.22: Tim was up early as he had to walk to the secure underground parking via the central park to collect the car. They left on time on a mean road out of Semey even by Kazak standards. Terrible ruts and pot holes with a smidgen of corrugated Tarmac. Tim has decided that his new definition  of hell would be to sent to Kazakhstan to drive for all eternity.

After about 60kms there was a problem with the rear wheel and this turned out to be the split in the wheel rim pictured below.

Split wheel rim repaired by roadside with help of Oscar
Split wheel rim repaired by roadside with help of Oscar

Tim had to remove the whole wheel assembly, remove the hub and the drum and then reassemble them in the spare wheel. This is a tricky job in the workshop but an extremely difficult one by the side of the road. A really nice Kazak guy called Oscar stopped to help and was Tim’s assistant for the whole job but refused to take any money. It was only with some persuasion that he finally accepted 1000 tenge as a thank you.

The middle 2 minutes of Tim’s voicemail did not record – I will let him know and fill  in this blank later. Seems weird that the only comms problem we have had so far for these rally reports have been for this journey – pretty good going really.

Apologies for the gap. Missing voicemail. Have asked Tim and Julie to resend info. All I have is some problems with the handbrake and another flat tyre. Last day of camping in Usharal.