Day 17 & 18 Sun 26th & Mon 27th Sept – Almaty – Day Off

Day 17 & 18   Sun 26th & Mon 27th Sept – Almaty – Day Off

Today spent in Kazak Quik Fit getting the exhaust and the split rim of the wheel re-welded. Tim fitted a new sensor for Julie’s Monit rally computer which hasn’t worked since day 3. This means that Julie no longer needs to use the one on Tim’s side of the car. Other odds and sods that needed doing included oil changes on the gear box, new rear differential, new oil filter on the engine and cleaning all the spark plugs and points. Yes I thought Tim said it was a rest day too!
Another day off tomorrow which is really needed as they are both completely shattered and Julie hasn’t been well. Tomorrow at 9.00am Benson is booked into a Toyota garage that Chris and Mark have recommended. Everything underneath will be tightened-up and greased – a couple of hours of TLC for just $US150. Sounds like the vintage car equivalent of a spa morning and Benson has certainly earnt it.

Tuesday will be a super early start as it is an 800km day if they follow the route properly. There is some thought of missing a timed section to make the day more do-able but we’ll have to wait and see what they decide.

Interesting experience buying a new camera in Almaty to replace the one that got sand-trashed when they helped dig someone out in the desert. They made their selection in the Kazak equivalent of Currys and were given a small piece of paper that they had to take to the teller who was working in an armed cage to process payment. They were then given a slip of payment to use to collect it. Judging by the apparent novelty of the experience I don’t think Tim and Julie have spent much time in Argus!