Phone call from Almaty Day 17

Phone call from Almaty Day 17

Tim called for a chat today and it was really lovely to hear from him. When he first rang I had the slightly sureal experience of taking a call from my big brother in Kazakhstan whilst trying to keep his 4 nephews under control in Newhaven Sainsburys. We agreed it might be best for him to call back later!

Overall he sounded really cheerful and up for it and also said that Julie was feeling much better. He didn’t sound nearly as tired as I expected him to be. There is no doubt that the whole rally is far more punishing than either of them expected but they are getting so much out of it that they don’t seem to care.

Apparently the whole experience with the sheep running across the duel carriage way was a lot more scary than  it sounded and it was largely thanks to the clear headed response of the car that was over-taking them that meant it was far less serious than it could have been. Basically they were both pretty relieved to get to Almaty and whilst very expensive the G & T was overdue.

One of the lovely things Tim talked about that we can’t really pick-up from the daily posts is the more personal side of their experience. The whole intensity of the situation that all of the participants have found themselves in has resulted in them forging some really strong and sometimes unlikely friendships.

Partly some shared cameraderie but mostly having the time to meet new people and get to know them, especially people that on first take you might not seem to have all that much in common with. As Tim said, at his age you don’t expect to be making a whole set of new, true friends, as often life is so busy it is hard enough to see all of the friends you already have.

He is certain that these are friendships that they will last way beyond Paris.