Day 22 Fri 1st Oct – Samarkand – Day Off

Day 22   Fri 1st Oct – Samarkand – Day Off

UPDATE 02/10/10 15.58: Whilst today was meant to be a rest day Benson demanded attention regardless – nearly a whole day of attention. Tim is still feeling unbelievably rough thanks to the now much regretted “Cornish pasty” from the petrol station – sleepless nights and flu like systems.

The whole rally team has hit a bit of a low – knowing that there are no more rest days with another 7000km to cover is really daunting. Tomorrow is a 350km run with another border crossing into Turkmenistan and they’ve been told to prepare for a long day. Not to worry as apparently the hotel tomorrow tonight is well worth avoiding (actually the hotels for next few nights fall into the best avoided category). On Monday they’ll cross into Iran so no alcohol and head to toe cover for all the women.

Email from Julie:
Luckily no-one was hurt but car 23 had a close shave yesterday on a dual carriageway. The road arrangement does not really bring the word safety to mind with gaps in the central reservation should you wish to change direction. Gaps in the oncoming traffic are harder to find so some people just wing it which is what happened in this case.

Rupert and Simon were hit side on and found themselves 100 metres down the road facing the oncoming traffic. A few seconds later and apparently it could have been a different story.  The brakes on these old cars are just so slow.  We have all had a reality check and our driving strategy will adjust accordingly.

Last night we stayed at the best hotel in Samarkand which is not saying much. Tim and I organised a small group dinner outside which blossomed to a coach load of people. Says a lot for fear of what the hotel buffet would be like.

If Tim needed this much wad to pay for dinner then how much will Julie need to buy clothes?
If Tim needed this much wad to pay for dinner then how much will Julie need to buy clothes?

This is not only our last rest day and therefore the last day for laundry. The relationship between myself and the rayon we were advised to wear has gone from bad to worse so I am off to trawl the markets to find something else. I might stand out in my local outfit but anything is preferable.