Day 26 Tue 5th Oct – Gorgan to Rasht (Iran) – 500 km

Day 26   Tue 5th Oct – Gorgan to Rasht   (Iran)  – 500 km

UPDATE via further email from Julie: Much better day for us than first day. I could not write it at the time as emotions were still running high but we had a few “hand on compass” moments on that first day in Iran – our signal for I am about to lose it with you.

The erratic and often very dangerous driving of our host country had Tim in a bit of a temper and then I added to the whole tension by getting angry with him for shouting at the locals. Hand on compass, hand on compass, hand on compass. Near meltdown. I was also starting to show signs of dehydration – headache, aching and nausea which resulted in me going straight to bed when we arrived at 4:00 pm and resurfacing the following morning.

Easy to get dehyrated – we are back in a world of holes in the floor and that is really the only option – one I cannot get used to.  Tim could not have been more thoughtful, fetching pills, ferrying a meal in the pouring rain to our “villa”. It has rained non stop for about a day. Big rain.  Hotel down to the usual standard but we were by the sea and falling asleep listening to waves always works!  Reminds me of Tortola.

Less aggressive driving today although still two near collisions.  Pulled over by the police 3 times to show our documents. Always a palaver as we have them hidden in hard to reach places so it all takes time.

Tim had to work on Benson back at the hotel changing an exhaust gasket, fuel filters and cleaning spark plugs. He made a blanket out of an old towel to soak the spoke ends and expand the wood to better fit.  He is shattered!

Email from Julie:

Yesterday the end of a long day yesterday was prolonged when the majority of the rally’s hotel rooms were taken away due to an impromptu visit by the President.  We, along with many others, ended up sleeping on the roof of a hotel in our sleeping bags.  There were about 25 of us up there.  Looking on the bright side we were up at 4:30am and so early on the road.  2 hours of hassle free driving but the chaos has just begun again in earnest.