Quick note on rally status

Quick note on rally status

Any of you that are also looking at the main site for results and classifications will no doubt notice that Benson and his crew will start to slip down the board and out of medal contention.

I had a really nice chat with Tim yesterday and he explained that they have set in stone their core intention in taking part – getting Benson to Paris. To this end there will be some very early starts to minimise the amount of driving in the dark. This means they will be leaving before the official rally departure times which will take them out of contention.

The driving in the dark is a real factor when comparing the different cars. Take a day for example when  you have 700kms to cover. Benson’s top speed is around 85kmph on good roads. When you think that others have a top speed of 12okmph you only need to do the maths to see how much more night driving will be in store for the slower cars.

As they were never doing it to get medal glory I think the closer they get to Paris the less risks they are willing to take that might stop them staying the distance. Rather like being left at the altar it would be awful to not make it now that they are getting so close.

Whilst they are both really enjoying the overall experinece and have made some cracking new friends, Tim thinks it might be one of those trips best enjoyed with a little hindsight. In the day to day of doing the rally it’s so full-on that it’s hard to have any perspective.

We can’t wait to see them in the Place Vendome next Saturday – I am taking Freddy and Henry (aged 7) to see them pull in and to give them both a massive hug. Fingers crossed that their caution pays off and it will be a champagne Saturday next weekend. 1 week to go.