Day 30 Sat 9th Oct – Yozgat to Abant Lake (Turkey) – 540 km

Day 30   Sat 9th Oct – Yozgat to Abant Lake   (Turkey)

UPDATE 22.51 10/10/10: Big moment of the day was that Benson hit 100kmph – way to go old fella (and I mean the car not Tim)!

They stuck to the motorway rather than taking the scenic route which was apparently very beautiful. It was raining, foggy and so freezing cold that they had their sleeping bags out over them tucked right up to their chins as they drove along.

Snow, fog and rain - they weren't exagerating!
Snow, fog and rain - they weren't exagerating!

When they came off the motorway it was a beautiful fir tree lined road with lots of pine burning by the side of the roads interspersed with tiny restaurants. They arrived at the hotel and there was snow everywhere!

Not so nice for Tim who then had to work on the car while Julie enjoyed a nice warming bath. The rear tyres were almost bare so they have had to change the wheels around so the rear pair are now at the front and vice versa.  A big job to do in the snow.

Snow at Abant Lake
Snow at Abant Lake

Small moment of concern when Julie then couldn’t find Tim for an hour and a half. On this rally there are only three places you can be – your car, the bar or your room. Benson was all packed up for the night but there was no sign of his driver! Having failed to locate him and after checking if any of the others had seen him she was worried he might have somehow disappeared in the snow. Luckily he appeared having been secreted in a small second floor bar that no one else had discovered.

Lovely evening with good food, nice wine and both asleep good and early.

Voicemail from Tim 03.30 UK time:
Not following the rally route again today and instead are going to head towards Anchorage doing about 250kms on the motorway before heading south to Abant Lake. No further news on yesterday’s accidents because there is no one  from the rally with them.

Voicemail from Julie 08.41 UK time:
They saw someone this morning and learnt that of the cars doing the official route yesterday only 12 had turned up by 20.00 last night and lots of them didn’t arrive until 22.00.

Another long day ahead today and they have just had another puncture. As they don’t have any more tyres ready the repair involved removing the inner tube. They were outside and freezing and a man came out of his shop with two cups of tea – much appreciated. Have stopped at a workshop to try and get some running repairs done. Julie says it’s great because the looks on the faces of the mechanics when they see Benson are priceless.

The atmosphere amongst the splinter group is great and last night was noticeably more relaxed.