Day 33 Tue 12th Oct – Thessaloniki to Igoumenitsa (Via ferry to Ancona) – 500 km

Day 33   Tue 12th Oct – Thessaloniki to Igoumenitsa   (Via ferry to Ancona)  – 500 km

Email from Julie 14/10/10 07.45: Hard to remember what we do on each day. They all merge into one.   Beautiful greek scenery on day 33 with the ultimate being the mountain top monastries of Meteora. I cannot describe how truly spectacular and beautiful they were. We had an overnight ferry crossing  to Ancona.  Everyone parked their cars and walked across the road to a little cafe which served fresh fish and salad. The table just kept growing and growing.

Getting all the cars onto the boat was great fun with all the cars hooting their horns. Simon and Rupert have somehow managed to get hold of a police siren and flashing light which they use at opportune moments. That night they were “port authority”

There were two potentially  terminal breakdowns that day. Car 66 Richard and James with no oil pressure and Car 39 Dom and Alex. To get this far and end up with your car on a truck is soul destroying. We are all thinking of that drive down the Champs Elysee.  The effort involved to get these old cars from Peking to Paris is immense.

The Captain kindly allowed access to cart 39 whilst under sail and helped by the wonderful Rupert and rally angel Toby the boys worked through the night to get the rolls back on the road!!  They look absolutely shattered though.

The ferry had a clothes shop. My trousers were hanging off me and I have been longing to throw them away. Am now dressed in trousers that are slightly too short and a glittery t shirt reading “follow my style”. Not a fashion statement but it is an improvement.