UPDATE: Day 32 Mon 11th Oct – Istanbul to Thessaloniki (Greece) – 680 km

UPDATE: Day 32   Mon 11th Oct – Istanbul to Thessaloniki   (Greece)  – 680 km

From an email from Julie 07.19 UK time: “170 km to the Greek border for what we expected to be a relatively easy crossing. Not so when it’s the day the computers break down and they close the border for a couple of hours.

Day 32 time trials
Day 32 time trials

We were all in good spirits though and lined our cars up in one of the two lanes as instructed. You know what’s coming next.

Having been very vocal about how I’d block the road shouting abuse if someone tried to push in down the empty lane, I meekly stood aside as a car I knew did just that. Not so our fellow companions. It was vitriolic.  My “discussion”  at the previous border paled into insignificance at these fine performances of letting someone know what you really think.

The air was peppered with expletives.  Tim then decided he would get in on the act and maneouvered Benson so that he blocked any car, including the locals, from passing down the empty lane.  A burst of a police sirens from an unmarked car he was blocking quickly put an end to that little plan.

Once through the border we decided to simply clock off  the kms. We followed the motorway for about 500 kms to Thessaloniki. No waypoint for hotel made for interesting navigation.  At last,  Met Hotel – chilled glass of wine, ceasar salad, a bed that invites you to cocoon yourself in blissful sleep.

One thing that I’ve not mentioned so far is that apparently I look like one of the rally doctors. Good for me but not quite such a compliment for Caroline. Positives: she is younger, more beautiful and quite obviously much better educated than I.  Paths are sometimes cleared for me with  “doctor coming through”. Negatives: too much information about my colleagues diarrhorea and vomiting.  I don’t want to know. I am dealing with enough issues of my own.