Day 34 Wed 13th Oct – Ancona to Viareggio (Italy) – 370 km

Day 34   Wed 13th Oct – Ancona to Viareggio   (Italy)  – 370 km

Email from Julie 14/10/10 07.45: Day 34 saw a chaotic exit from the ferry with the police blocking the route we were supposed to take. We somehow missed a huge traffic jam that most of the rally got stuck in but suffered later “whizzing” down the motorway off piste and going way too far south.

I was looking for signs to Arezzo which just never appeared. 40 km out of way which equals  an hour of additional driving.  Few choice words. We actually ended up getting to the hotel in about same time as everyone else though.

Going on the motorway is mind numbingly boring. Add to that it rained all day (actually the last few days have been bad weather). Whilst we have a roof we can use, which is more than some, Benson has no side screens for this trip, making him definitely not water tight. You have constant tap of drips on your legs.  We were both going crazy with boredom.

Sitting in a car for 34 days can do that to you.