Day 36 Fri 15th Oct – Aix les Bains to Troyes (France) – 440 km

Day 36   Fri 15th Oct – Aix les Bains to Troyes   (France)  – 440 km

Spitting distance. Hello, Tim and Julie’s brother in law Will posting this. Clare has left with Fred and Henry for France. She has an early start tomorrow to get the train to Paris, so spent the day looking over Dover Castle with the boys. They are all very excited about seeing Tim, Julie and Benson. Anyway, apologies for that brief break in our programming. Here is the latest update from Julie:

Last few kms are proving to be difficult. We finally arrived last night at after 9:00 pm having taken about 2 1/2 hours to repair our accident. Benson is on his last legs. He has done so well, mostly down to Tim’s meticulous preparation which has taken over 18 months. But he is old and the difficult driving has taken its toll. We are taking it easy but it is not wothout its dramas. 100 km to go on the penultimate day and the engine just died on us. Fortunately we were able to determine problem (we actually equals Tim) and reconnected the neg from the coil to the distributor and are now on our way. 80 clicks to go.

Not again?! Benson gives up the ghost (sorry for the squashed image - if I can get a better one I'll replace it.
Not again?! Benson gives up the ghost (sorry for the squashed image - if I can get a better one I'll replace it.

Earlier on today we came across Richard and James in car 66, yet again roadside. Car 66 had broken down 12 km outside Beijing and richard and James have spent quite a lot of time woith their car on a trailer. Two days ago they had an oil pressure problem. Trailer again. This morning they were finally on the move only to be hit hard from behind by another rally car.  The whole of the bodywork was hanging off the back.  We spent about an hour using rope and spare aluminium sheets “taping” the back together.  Then duck tape was used to hide all the marks from the police as very dubious as to whether the car is roadworthy. Well it isn’t!  No back lights. Car 66 with its tape and  rope best signifies what we have all been through. We are all limping the last few km.