The Damage – What broke and what needs repairing post rally

The Damage – What broke and what needs repairing post rally ……

Front Springs: The “temporary” main front spring leaves made in Mongolia need to be replaced with new heavy duty leaves – cost £150

Radiator: The rad has been sent for a recore, I am replacing with the same modern “Z” core, looks wrong, but it cools much better than traditional “honeycomb” core – cost approx £450-500

Fan Mounting: One of the bolts that holds the fan assembly to the block needed rethreading, I tried to drill out and use a Time Sert insert but the Time sert tap was not man enough to tap the block. In the end I drilled out and retapped to M10 using taper and second taps – cost £90 (Time Sert kit) + £20 (M10 tap set)

Fan Bearing: By the time we reached Paris the fan bearing was in a shocking state with excessive “wobble” on the shaft, I assumed that this damage occurred when the fan went into the radiator. On stripping down the fan hub/bearings the “wobble” was caused by wear on the shaft. A new shaft is being machined up which will be hardened where the bearings seat. Cost approx £150 (shaft) and £12 (bearings)

Handbrake: The handbrake is in tatters. I had to remove the whole assembly from one side on the last night of the rally. One morning in Turkey parts of the handbrake lining which had broken off jammed between the shoe and the drum, locking up the rear wheels. The bottom half of the linings wore away completely, right down to the metal. I’m not sure of the cause, maybe weak springs on the handbrake mechanism – but is seems that with all the bouncing up and down the bottom half of the shoe/lining was touching the inside of the drum and gradually wearing away. New linings required, new springs and one brake rod that snapped to be salvaged from the parts car. Cost approx £100

Monit Rally Computer: Monit on navigators side stopped working on Day 3, the cable coming off the back of the probe was severed by a rock ! Replaced en route, but I didn’t tie the probe cable up properly and with all the bouncing around off road the cable touched the exhaust and melted. New probe needs to be fitted, rather than messing around soldering cables. Cost approx £35

Rear Diff – Oil Leaks: Rear diff is dropping oil from the housing, may just be a new gasket required. More of an issue is the diff oil that is leaking into the wheel/drum – not sure what’s causing this. Cost £unknown

Rear Wheel Spokes: The spokes on both rear wheels are loose where they pass through the wheel rim. Vern Jensen who respoked them prior to the rally thinks I need to put some metal inserts between the spokes where the meet the hub to tighten up the rim end, I fear that after all the punishment in Mongolia they will need to be respoked. Cost £unknown

Spilt Rims: When you change a tyre on the Buick, you remove the tyre from the car which is mounted on a split rim. The wheel “centre” stays on the car. Two of these split rims failed on the rally, the rim of the split rim broke/fractured. I have spare rims from the Sedan that I broke for parts that just need sand blasting and repainting. Cost £ time & paint !

Tyres/Tubes: Of the six tyres that we took, four need replacing and two will be fine as spares. All the tubes need replacing. All the “punctures” we had were tubes failing, we never had anything pass through the tyre and puncture the tube. Cost approx £500