Day 37 Sat 16th Oct – Troyes to Paris (France) – 200 km

Day 37   Sat 16th Oct – Troyes to Paris   (France)  – 200 km


A message from Julie:

So there we were, screaming down the champs elysee surrounded by our fellow competitors, horns blasting and lines of people clapping us on. What a feeling!!!!!!

Our nephews, Freddy and Henry, jumped into Benson to navigate us across the finishing line and make the most of the photo opportunity.

I wish they had been there to navigate us to our hotel.

Will write more tomorrow. Wanted to let you know WE DID IT!!!!!!


Morning. Final day, and Julie has just emailed to say Benson is running like a dream this morning. He must know he’s almost there too!

Here is the rest of her message:

Benson  struggled to get to the hotel last night. We kept on having to stop as he was making strange noises. At the hotel Tim discovered that the whole handbrake assembly had fallen to bits and was rattling around in the drum. Also another  split rim failed catastropically so Tim was working on the car until 9:00 pm. Benson is making sure we know how much we have put him through!

Damp day with drizzle. Roof down and Julie wrapped in sleeping bag as has been the norm. Cannot believe we only have 190 km to go out of 14000!  We are being held back for entry to the finish line so that we can go in car order. We are car no 35. Our better position having been sacriced to get over borders and preserve Benson.

Good luck with the last day Tim, Julie and Benson. We are looking forward to seeing you all.

Peking to Paris 2010 – 1937 Alvis 4.3 SA – my favourite car on the rally